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Empower women! Create change! Win a trip to India!

What is sales competition?

What is sales competition?

win a trip to india

Win a chance to get a spot on our Service Trip to India once travelling resumes.

All expenses are covered, except the airfare.

sell the most products

Compete to sell the most amount of products made by impoverished women in India.

Products include bags, scrunchies, face-masks, and more!

Promote change

All proceeds support local development and generate jobs and income for Indian families.

how to join

Eligibility is limited.

Come to one of our weekly Wednesday meetings at 7:30PM to find out more.

You will receive a unique code to participate in the competition.

Dec 4- end of the competition

sept 7 - start of the competition

Dec 9 - winner announcement

Colorful Threads

How to Participate in IBHS Sales Competition?

Attend one of the meetings in order to sign up. You will receive a unique code to track the sales.

Refer people to our website and use your code while checking out. That will ensure that your sale is being tracked.

Sales can also be made through Venmo or CashApp. If so, the description of the sale should be "YourCode-Product" to ensure we track your sale.

Your customer can choose if they want the product to be delivered through mail, or given in person by you.

If you would like to deliver the products yourself, you must give us the money first, and schedule to pick up the products from FIU campus.

If you made a cash sale, you must come to campus to pick up the products and deliver the money.

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