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Meet the Team of 2020-2021

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Here, you can find out more about the members of our Executive board for the academic year of 2020-2021 and what inspires them. Why did they join IBHS? What has IBHS brought into their lives? And why should YOU be with us striving for success?


Hello everyone! My name is Kristina Khudiakova, and I am the president of IBHS for the year of 2020-2021. I am a sophomore, majoring in International Business. I became a part of IBHS starting my first week as a freshman in college, coming to the first meeting knowing that I want to be a part of something big. And I am so happy that I did now. Just a week before the global pandemic has started, I had a chance to participate in our trip to India. It helped me to understand the purpose of the project. I saw it from the inside; I saw the women; I saw the kids; I saw why it is so great what we do. We all hear about it here, but once you actually there, it is a completely different story. I get goosebumps. I feel it with all of my possible senses, I can feel it with all my heart. That's what really pushes me to give back, to give more to the organisation, and to contribute on the most possible level, by becoming the president.


My name is Camila Gutierrez, I am from Santa Cruz, Bolivia and I am the current IBHS Vice-President and Bandhwari Ambassador. I became involved with IBHS during my Freshman year and entered the E-Board my Sophomore year, I am currently a Junior majoring in International Business and Marketing. IBHS is a great opportunity to network, grow professionally, and develop yourself as a well-rounded individual. Our ethos is to respect others and come with an open mind, as I said, this is a place for growth. With the positions I hold as VP and Bandhwari Ambassador I oversee the Bandhwari Women's Project and follow up with different projects and tasks our E-Board members have. Being part of IBHS and working with The Bandhwari Women's Project has opened many doors for me and has helped me grow into the professional I aspire to be, and I am incredibly excited to welcome as many members as possible to start their journey with us!


Hey everyone! My name is Andressa Angelini Souza, and I’m currently a sophomore studying International Business. Coming from Brazil, I looked for opportunities on campus which would allow me to connect to people from around the world and bond over something we all had in common. IBHS became that community I looked forward to meet, and it all started when one of my first friends at FIU invited me to the first meeting. She’s now not only one of my best friends, but recently became the president of the club. I’m forever grateful that Kristina introduced me to IBHS as it has allowed me to develop countless professional and personal skills, all while being surrounded by a group of motivated and inspiring students who make you feel like part of a family.


My name is Gisenly Garcias and I'm in charge of Product Development. During my first semester at FIU, I attended several initiation meetings with other student organizations trying to see which one would be a good fit for me. I quickly realized that IBHS was my best choice and not just because of my International Business major. I was surprised by the work they do with the Bandhwari Women’s Project and how they were able to bring to life an idea that has a real impact on people’s life. More than the typical (and still important) student support, this organization is doing something to change our world and I wanted to be a part of that.


Hey there! My name is Pablo Hernandez and I am the Sponsorship Director here at our IBHS. I am an international student from Spain and I love to travel. I joined IBHS because I loved the family atmosphere I saw when I first came into contact with the organization and secondly for the opportunities I saw to develop myself professionally in aspects such as networking and much more. IBHS has certainly delivered in those aspects and I am glad I joined.


Hi my name is Isabella Palmese and I am the Marketing Director. I was born in Honduras and moved to Florida when I was eight years old. I transferred to FIU in Spring 2019 and wanted to become involved immediately. I joined IBHS and was instantly intrigued by the mission statement and values of the club. After going to a few meetings, I noticed the impact the Bandhwari Women's Project had on the village and their lives. All of the members genuinely cared about IBHS by coming up with innovative ways to promote the products, fundraising, and building membership bond.


Becoming a part of IBHS has been a defining part of my college life and career. Not only did I learn crucial aspects of what goes on behind-the-scenes in a globalized and international business plan, but also met some amazing people along the way. Being able to meet such a diverse group of people was inspiring as gained a distinct perspective from each and every person I have met so far through and within the organization.

Being an immigrant from South-East Asia, it was refreshing to see some great representation, especially on behalf of impoverished communities and their feminine figures who often go under-representation and underappreciated. This aspect of the organization made it more personal and close-to-home for me and I decided to help to my best abilities. I hope that everyone gets a chance to exercise their passion for a more helpful and welcoming worldview through this organization and is encharmed just like I was.



Hi my name is Nathalia and I’ve been in IBHS for a year now. Joining IBHS has giving me the opportunity to network and grow as a professional. I’ve meet people that have inspired me and pushed me off my comfort zone. This organization has shaped me into the person I am today and I’m so grateful for it. Thank you IBHS for giving me the best experiences and opportunities!!


My name is Leahanna Sine and I am the recruitment and sales director for this year. I joined IBHS last year and I am so grateful that I did. The accepting environment and passion for improving global conditions are a couple of aspects that I particularly love about this organisation. Throughout my first couple of months in the club, I attended a conference for my major at Port Miami, got to meet guest speakers who helped me to improve my professionalism and confidence, and learned many skills through the committees… all of this while getting to meet so many great people! My overall favorite part about being involved in IBHS is the Bandhwari Project. While helping FIU students build necessary professional skills, IBHS helps women in Bandhwari, India to have the opportunities they need in order to be independent and successful. This focus is something I plan on keeping throughout my professional career after graduation through Doctors Without Borders, and I am grateful that IBHS provides me with many hands-on opportunities to put these skills into practice and work towards my goal of making the world a better place for everyone.


Hello everyone! My name is Mariano Paolino and I am a senior International Business student. I am the current secretary of IBHS. Since I came to FIU I have been always looking forward to get as many nice experiences as I can. I feel that getting good grades and professional experience is not the only main goal while being in college, but personal and social experiences as well. Which will bring incredible memories and stories to tell in the future. In summer 2018, I had the tremendous opportunity to join a study abroad trip to China and South Korea where I got to know about IBHS through our academic advisor Dr Wernick. When the fall semester started I attended the first general meeting in which I discovered what this student organization was about. I felt an incredible energy and enthusiasm during the meeting, and met many people that became my friends during the rest of the semester. Furthermore, I found what the Bandhwari project does to support this local community located just outside Delhi, India. I decided that I wanted to become part of this incredible initiative and support this project, that is why I decided to join the E-board for this year. During the last year, I have had so many great moments with this organization and its members. I feel that everyone who is looking to live a great college time should consider jointing us, or any other organization of their interests.


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