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Life as an International Student by Alejandra Sepulveda

Building a career is always a hard and pain to gain path. Sometimes, these paths bring different scenarios that are helpful to build each student its professional career. In my experience, I started my career in my home country, Colombia. Back in 2019 I didn’t know what to study, however I knew that I love anything related with business and cultures. I like to trip all the way over the world since I am a little girl. I like to meet new people and learn from their cultures and experiences. I think this is the best way to get to know each other.

After starting my career, I was involved in a lot of activities that my university in Colombia has. However, I didn’t feel complete. I wanted to live another experienced in another country. I wanted to know how it feels to live by itself. Without family, without childhood friends, without anything. So, I decided to take this risk and come to Miami. To be honest, it has been the toughest decision I have ever had to make. At first, I had to look where could I live. I encounter different situations as the high living cost was in Miami. I also felt uncomfortable with the spaces I found. I felt like all the buildings were not only expensive, but also ugly and small compared with the prices in Colombia.

Then, when I finally understood I couldn’t live by myself and, instead, it was much better to live with a roommate I had this new challenge as finding the best roommate to live with. Fortunately, I found a nice Venezuelan guy that has showed me the importance of family and why you shouldn’t be alone in a place where no ones know you and you don’t know anyone and anything. One advice I would give to the students that are trying to “scape” from their countries because the “lack of opportunities” or just because of the intolerance to their family, is that consider more than once the decision. Sometimes you might be regretting as it is very hard to be alone in a place you don’t know.

At the same time, adjusting to the classes was something I had to face as I studied all my life and most of my career in Colombia. It has some positive and negative effects. Nevertheless, I would suggest that don’t rush and take things too personal. Be always confident from your knowledge and ask if there is any question. It is also a fact that is hard to make new friends but, eventually they will come. I would say this is something that links with time and patience.

In conclusion, being a foreign transfer student is VERY hard. Sometimes, you might think on just leaving and go back home. But I would say that, even if I still feel I am adapting to this new life, it is something that you shouldn’t even consider at all. At the end of the day, this is you against you fighting for your dreams. Help yourself, be more active with the different activities and organization your university offers. Try to always have your mind busy and never give up. Remember that at the end, it is something you have fight for, and it will be always worth it. I wish you the best of the luck with you race

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