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Life After Graduation by Nicole Haché

After four or more years of studying to gain a Bachelor's degree, are we prepared for life after graduation? As we enter college, we often find ourselves with more intention to enjoy our new found freedoms than to be academically successful. As time goes by, the student begins to realize what it takes to apply their knowledge to what's desired as a future professional. Eventually, even your attitude changes and you feel the complete responsibility of taking the wheel of your life and starting to drive. Picking a destination can be a challenge with so many things crossing your mind: I want to do what I love, do something nobody's ever seen before, create things that are helpful additions to everyday lives... Our hearts become full of aspirations. Which route to take? I've learned that the route to take is the one you feel the most committed to. Better yet, your route can have multiple stops! The younger generation is losing the fear of doing "too much" and that's a great thing. So how about this; Your destination can be to do what you love, and your stops can include to be of service and to deliver a message. I would personally listen to this playlist the whole ride: "Honoring My Family" by Nicole Haché.

The comparison may feel corny, but it's a great way to not see life after graduation as an impossible feat or as something to be nervous about. Everybody has their compromises and no two people are the same, but what's there to be afraid of? Taking assertive risks can benefit a person in many different ways: taking a job abroad, saving up to purchase a car that improves your commute, starting a Masters's in your favorite field of study, and so many other things that may feel risky but are disguised blessings. All your hard work can now provide for you, help you grow as a human being, and create change in your community. Keep your mindset positive, your eyes and ears sharp and your head held up high. Be proud of yourself for having made it to this day: Commencement. All your sleepless nights, team work, and sacrifices have given you the achievement of your degree. Whatever you study and whenever you come from, kudos to you for making it this far and not giving up on this dream. I know it might have felt like it would be impossible to make it at times, but we've proven ourselves how wanting something and putting in the effort to get it is an exact formula that works every time. Enjoy this moment. With a full heart, I would like to thank God for being my rock, and my family and friends for being of so much value to my life.


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