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IBHS: A Place for Personal and Professional Growth

By: Nina Perez-Dubson

Upon starting my sophomore year at FIU, I knew I needed a transformative change. Having started college online as a 2020 high school graduate amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, I felt my college experience so far had been greatly underwhelming. Not only was I lacking access to needed professional opportunities like scholarships and internships, but my social life was limited. I decided to take the first step of change the first Wednesday of the Spring 2022 semester and attended my first in-person IBHS meeting. The club’s mission, point system, and committees were explained, and I decided to join the marketing committee, feeling it correlated with my interests as a business major. I walked out that night with friends and a new passion for my education and future career that I had been lacking for three semesters

IBHS has been so much more than I thought it would be. As its name implies, IBHS is an honor society for International Business students (while all majors are welcomed) and allows students to earn their induction into the organization, rather than paying membership dues, by earning meeting attendance, community service, social, special event, and fundraising points. Through these points, students are exposed to vital internship and scholarship opportunities with presentations from companies like Microsoft, WTDC, and Altria. These are life-changing for many and teach students how to perfect their resumes, conduct successful interviews, and be business professionals ready for the hiring process. The organization offers something for all and aims for students to leave FIU with the skills and experiences needed to feel a sense of accomplishment and preparation for life following graduation.

Aside from the organization’s professional opportunities, students have the ability to grow personally as well. To kick off the Fall 2022 semester, IBHS took a trip to South Beach for its first social point opportunity and allowed students time for socializing, building connections, and beach volleyball. Students bonded and made the organization feel like a close-knit community. I made it home that day with not just tan lines, but a fulfilling sense of connectedness and excitement for the semester ahead. With the Fall 2022 semester coming to an end soon, IBHS plans to hold its final social point opportunity at Super Wheels, an experience I know will be a memorable close to the semester.

IBHS is an organization I would recommend to all students at FIU. Whether you are looking for your first internship, or merely a place to connect with other students going through similar experiences, the organization will welcome you. Since joining IBHS, I feel I have grown not just professionally, but personally, and now have the confidence I need to become an active member of society as an experienced and well-prepared business leader.

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