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General Meetings

General Meetings for all FIU IBHS members are held every Monday at 8 pm in person (CBC 152).

Follow our Instagram pages @ibhs_fiu & @ibhs_bandhwari and join our WhatsApp Groupchat to stay updated with events and opportunities!

Every month during our general meeting we offer workshops, recruiting employers, guest speakers, committee meetings and much more!

Although we require no dues to join our organization, we do have a "Point System" to be inducted into our Honor Society. This system was designed with our mission in mind and exposes our members to the opportunities they'll need to build a strong skillset that guarantees them success in life after graduation. 

To get inducted you must have a certain amount of points in each category. (Check our Point system page for more information). To receive a graduation stole you must have been inducted for 2 semesters or more. 



*Note: You must be in a committee and get 4 points to be inducted*

Sponsorship Committee: 

Learn professional communication skills, campaigning, networking, and maintaining relationships with businesses around Miami

Marketing Committee: 

Work on skills such as innovation, design, customer analysis, marketing content, and modern marketing strategies

Bandhwari Committee: 

Learn about how we maintain our business that focuses on providing opportunities for women in India. Here you can work on your product development skills, sales skills, and more!



Fundraising Committee: 

Help plan fun ways to raise money for the Bandhwari Women’s Project. We’d love to hear your creative ideas!

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