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There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind 

-C.S Lewis

You built, developed, and supported many elements that make IBHS so special today. Our new Alumni Network allows you to further contribute to IBHS and create more memories with our IBHS family!

We believe in strength in numbers and after 10 years of establishment, we have a first-class Alumni Network that stretches all around the world and throughout the U.S. Our mission is to create a space for us all to come together and re-establish old connections, create change in our community, and continue to impact the world in a very positive way.

Get Involved

  • Give back to current IBHS members 

  • Network with fellow IBHS alumni at our next social event

  • Help the leaders of our Bandhwari Social Enterprise

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Think back to when you were in IBHS at FIU. A younger, less experienced you. Now what if you could go back and give yourself tips and information that would've helped you on your journey?

Sign up to become a mentor to one of our current members this upcoming semester.

We will pair you with a member that could use your personal advice and industry insights!

Special events

We miss you! How did we lose connection after graduation? Let's reconnect! We're planning annual alumni-only events where we'll get the opportunity to meet & catch up.

Create an account on our website if you haven't already to stay up to date on the latest alumni events we have scheduled.


The Bandhwari Project is thriving and growing everyday thanks to the help and support of all our members.


Your support to this project shouldn't end just because you graduated. Our current members could use professional advice on marketing, finance, e-commerce, etc. that you can provide.


Let us know if you'd like to stay updated on our project and help with what you can!

So How Does it Work?


 Mentorship can be tremendously valuable to the right candidate. We have the right mix of students in our organization that are motivated and dedicated to impact the business world. Your guidance can help them reach their next level of success.

Advantages of being a mentor

  • Improve communication/ supervisory skills

  • Teaching helps you understand better

  • You can significantly impact someone's life

The role of a mentor is to

  • Help explore career paths, set goals, develop contacts, and identify resources

  • Share information about your own career path, as well as provide guidance & motivation

  • Provide personal support and advice when needed


Responsibilities of a mentor

  • ​Hold monthly meetings with mentee (Virtually)

  • Hold the mentee accountable for their goals

  • Be open, direct and honest with mentee and provide an objective perspective

Who will you be mentoring?

  • Active members of IBHS that are seeking mentorship through this program. You will be paired with one member based on the mentee's needs

How long will the mentorship last?

  • 1 semester with the option to extend

    • Fall semester mentorships begin September!

*Complete this google form to get paired with a mentee this semester!

Outdoor Party

Special Events

Let's Catch Up!

Our Alumni network runs deep. Since graduation we've all set out on each of our own personal missions and that's taken us to some pretty cool places.


Every one of our hosted events is an opportunity to meet with and connect with other shakers & movers. So whether you've started your own business, travelled across the globe or become a master of kung-fu, come and get to know what we've all been up to. 

What types of events will we have?

  • Alumni-only events

    • Virtual​

    • Sporting

    • Dinner

    • Happy Hour

    • BBQ

  • IBHS Member & Alumni events

    • Induction Ceremonies​

    • Workshops

    • Q&A Panel with IBHS organization

  • And MORE!

When will these events be hosted?

  • Annual events at least twice a year and more as opportunities come. 

  • Stay up to date by following us on social media and make sure to create your Alumni account on our website.

Can I get more involved than just assisting?

  • Yes! You have the option to "help organize" when you sign up

Want to help plan our next event?


Just join in on our festivities

Special Events

Bandhwari CIRCLE

Alumni members involved within this circle are giving back and contributing by raising awareness and providing occasional consulting to the team while staying updated with our social initiative.

What are some of the roles within this circle?

  • Provide business insights to current team

    • Marketing​ strategy

    • E-Commerce

    • IT techniques

  • Keep us connected

    • Funding opportunities​

    • Sponsorship opportunities

    • Sales opportunities

    • And more

  • Help create care packages for the children in Bandhwari

How much commitment is needed?

  • Opportunities to help will be made available on a needed basis. This allows you to offer your guidance and support based on your availability


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Bandhwari Circle
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